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  4. ฝาก 100 ฟรี 100 เทิ ร์ น. 1 เท่า ufa

    Musings on nature, science, and literature.

    Welcome to Watershed Notes

    Notes from the ‘Shed

    My garden/writing shed. The front window is now much bigger so I n watch the veggies grow!

    A watershed is defined as “any surface area from which runoff resulting from rainfall is collected and drained through a single, common point. It may be only a few hectares that feed a small pond, or n be hundreds of hectares that feed large rivers.

    On my blog, I explore the interconnectedness of watershed functions, including environmental processes such as water, wildfire, and snow; cultural issues such as lol history; and the impacts of resource development (forestry, oil and gas).

    I also like the idea of a watershed being a moment in time, when your perspective shifts signifintly or a major life event occurs. These are the moments that change us and drive us to become different people, with new ideas and motivations. For example, one of my ‘watershed moments’ was leaving my job in ademia. I had to rethink everything about my life which had until then centred around being a researcher and professor of watershed science.

    Being a field scientist, over the years I have filled many a notebook with field notes. Although I have been forced into an early ‘retirement’, I am still thinking and writing about the environment, except that I now write out of a converted garden shed…hence my tagline notes from the ‘shed.

    Most Recent Blog Post:

    ฝาก 100 ฟรี 100 เทิ ร์ น. 1 เท่า ufa